Music of AURAPLANES plunges into the atmosphere of ancient ethnics, but leaves us in the real world, thereby connecting past and present by the invisible thread, awakening the soul to remember the depths of time...


Auraplane VI: Air

Air is the element of freedom, the element of flight.

Something subtle, but very important, bestowing life!



Auraplane V: Last from The Planet Maya

No one knows and does not remember what the world was Maya, even those who met the first Conquistadors...

Only music can tell us everything...



Auraplane VIII: Place Of Power

There below is always a lot of fuss, everything builds and destroys, borns and dies...

Only the sky remains the same...



Auraplane X: Gifts To The Sun

What a terrible heat!

The sun shows its full strength and glory a day like this. Everything has stopped. The sound of the cicadas can be only heard. And now, the first tam-tam blow. The ritual begins...





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